A Marriage of Convenience; The Beginning.

I was sitting in the back of a car, wondering how I’d gotten there. My friend at the time was riding shotgun and our driver could be described as wearing a black turban with his white hair peeking out beneath it; a Sikh. I don’t know how they’d met each other but she’d asked me … More A Marriage of Convenience; The Beginning.

I Still Go There In My Head

I see it as from outside a window, Myself walking fast, head bowed, Life happening all around me without sound, Distanced even then, not sure I know why The paces of development grow hazy around that line. My heart was soft, My head curiously empty, A balloon floating along, Not certain where she might belong


“Can you hurry it up, you sloth. They want to close up.” “I’m coming! Why is it that you don’t give others the same courtesy when they’re waiting for you?” Sam asked as she shoved her half-closed laptop into her bag. “Because I don’t take half an hour to wait for like you do?” Jacob … More Rebel

Raylin – Part 3

The three of us were very active after school. Meeting in the CBD, going to each other’s places and hanging out, letting one another know when we got out first personal phones. We kept in touch real good. I even went over to RayRay’s campus one time and slept over. I can’t, however, tell you when … More Raylin – Part 3

Raylin – Part 2

    Time went by and the pressures of school became very familiar burdens.  I stopped feeling lonesome, and I knew it was because of the books. I looked forward to each new story with boundless urgency. Everyone who’s ever read a book they enjoyed can tell you how satisfying it is to forget for … More Raylin – Part 2


    We slept in the same dorm room. It was a comfortable little structure, with wooden beams across the open ceiling, supporting the aluminium roof, which was red with rust and housing small birds. There were four double-decker beds on each long side of the wall, and one window fronted with grills. The walls were … More RAYLIN