There are days in life when you know exactly what’s going on, who’s where, and how everything will eventually turn out. Days when you’re at the top of your game. Days when you are nigh on clairvoyant(!), about everything that happens – you are prepared! Nothing gets past you. You are Bruce Lee and … More Inhale

Beauty is Sad

The flashes of lights and the raised voices of the crowd, They will drown her out, her voice cannot match her sound, Talk over her, they know all about her;

Rebel 2

  Standing there watching the brown water gush violently under the bridge, from which he was standing 30 meters away Jacob felt like crying. All that blood, and literal sweat, just to get stuck here? Oh for fuck’s sake.


“Can you hurry it up, you sloth. They want to close up.” “I’m coming! Why is it that you don’t give others the same courtesy when they’re waiting for you?” Sam asked as she shoved her half-closed laptop into her bag. “Because I don’t take half an hour to wait for like you do?” Jacob … More Rebel

Poodles and Boobs

I’ve always wanted to start a writing and make it feel like how the Hungarian Rhapsody 2 sounds. Dramatic, and kingly, yet seductive as it continues. Reflective as it passes the threshold of your brain. Telling you sweet little stories of gay adventures and the part their mistresses played. And what satisfying, happy endings they … More Poodles and Boobs