…Like the Duchess you are.

I distance myself from my feelings so I never know what I want to say when I want to say something. I mean, I know I need to say something but I don’t know what because I don’t know why. It’s important for me to know why because I need a reason for things. I … More …Like the Duchess you are.

I Still Go There In My Head

I see it as from outside a window, Myself walking fast, head bowed, Life happening all around me without sound, Distanced even then, not sure I know why The paces of development grow hazy around that line. My heart was soft, My head curiously empty, A balloon floating along, Not certain where she might belong

Rock City

Continued from Sometimes it Is what you don’t have. The car wended its way through the sand streaked tarmac road, Georgina let down the window. The humid wind felt good on her face. Mwanza was not as hot as the coast of Tanzania but being at the lakeside, it was not cool either. They were … More Rock City