Of Pooping Out Demons.

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Continued from Rock City.

Three hours.

She’d been in the toilet for three hours now. Three hours of horrifying, gut-wrenching, noises that came from the back of the house where Saika had disappeared since they got home. Georgy, thinking she’d gone to throw up, had gathered her things and gone in after her to help. But after hearing the door to the bathroom slam shut and the sound of the tap coming on under an empty bucket, she paused mid-step. Oh no. Oh, God.

Saika felt like her insides were about to come out. No, there was a hook up her butt being pulled as if the gravities of three planets was focused there. Her muscles were clenched perpetually, she had lost all feeling in her lower limbs, her face and upper body were sweaty, and her back ached from bending for so long. She breathed a deep sob, forced to voice her anguish, past tears at this point. Her nose was probably runny but she didn’t care. Her entire backside and lower spine ached something terrible, especially her exit. That muscle was clenched as if something not proportional to it wanted out. But any reserve that might have been left had long since been expelled. Only, the muscles responsible for pushing out stool didn’t believe that. They were so taut they felt liable to push themselves out.

Oh, the pain

There was pain, and there was pain.

But this was pain.

This was beyond anything she’d ever felt in her life. She’d been cut, beaten, burnt and publicly humiliated in the course of these treatments but this level of pain and distress was entirely new. Her gluteal muscles were raging; all three of them. Singing in tight, grinding, punishing rhythms that lit up her pain receptors like Vegas at night. So much pain those pathways were jammed by now. When the woman had told her sister to leave them alone Saika had known this wasn’t going to end well. That pipe in her hand had been a bad sign. She’s told her to undress and Saika had hesitated, not sure where this was going. The woman had smiled her charming smile and told her not to worry, that nothing bad was going to happen and this was for her own good. Just take off your pants and sit on your hands and knees. Nothing wrong about that at all.

Saika had complied and doggy styled it in the middle of the floor. All in the name of a cure. The woman then walked behind her and she heard a rustling as cans and newspaper bundles were moved around. Her heart started to pound when the woman finally knelt between her legs. Saika had never felt more vulnerable and exposed in her entire bewitched life. The woman proceeded to then fit the tube pipe up her exit, and Saika felt cool liquid enter and go up her insides. There was an immediate cooling sensation before the ever so slight tightening of her muscles. Overall, the procedure was the least painful she’d ever endured, albeit in the heights of embarrassment and humiliations it came up in the top three.

After a few seconds, the woman got up saying there, all done, and patted her back in commiseration. One might ask how she’d withstood the woman, a perfect stranger, pushing a pipe up her butt and not shriek, or draw back in outrage. It’s simple; for one, crazier things had been done to her, two, she knew she needed to get well. In the pursuit of recovery, the boundaries of reason tend to completely evaporate. An end to the misery, a cure, becomes all-encompassing, even at the cost of a person’s sanity. So at last, here she was, with barely enough strength to keep her seat on the toilet. Forehead to knees, balancing on the balls of her toes; her guttural cries permeating the air, her body hot and wet, having her insides drawn out. Shit.

Georgy had set up camp on the other side of the door. She had a tall bottle of water and a hot thermos full of porridge to help settle her stomach for when Saika came out. If  she ever did. Her cries had quieted down a bunch and the water was off. Georgy reached into her jacket for her phone intending to look at the time. She dug it out and stared at it for a moment as the toilet was flushed again. She’d just put it back when she realised she hadn’t seen what time it was.

Saika lost her grip on the door handle twice before she finally got it open. She stopped when she saw her sister laid down in front of her. Georgy lifted herself up when she felt her sister behind her. Looking up, she noted the gaunt, tired expression, the red eyes and the tight lips. Saika’s hands were shaking and her clothes were pooled around her feet. She was leaning on the jamb and breathing heavily, on the verge of crying. Her whole countenance looked dejected, exhausted and weak.

“G, this is bad…” she rasped, her voice almost gone.

Georgy got to her feet and helped her sister to the sofa next to the bed. Saika didn’t attempt to sit, she slid to the floor and lay on her side. She already knew she couldn’t sit down.

Georgy went to get some warm water, wanting to test that first. Her sister was grateful. She finished the glass and asked for another.

“How do you feel?” Georgy ventured.

Saika shook her head, lost for words.

“What are they trying to do, poop them out?” Georgy said, attempting lightheartedness.

They didn’t sleep that night. Or the one after that. Saika spent at least half of the first one in the bathroom. Anything she ate was immediately ejected. At one point, in the midst of the painful clenching, she was certain she was pooping water, as that was all they were left with.

And it was only getting worse. Less and less did she make it to the bathroom on time. Less and less was she having the strength to sit on the toilet seat.


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  1. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood
    Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

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