You Know Who You Are

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I know of a fire,
I know of a life
I know of a stirring, flooded through with light
I know of a weapon forged beyond question of might
I know of a will irrevocable with the stillness of MidNight

I know of things that form the roots in a forest without trees
I know of webs that span the wide wetness of empty seas
I know of desires that are built on expected fears
And the cruel joys that then bring a person to tears
Those wretched happenstances that cannot be seen by seers

It is a simple life with a complicated weaving
It is a small cup with bitterness teeming
It is an odd duck of beautiful feathers shimmering
Where the laughter shows sharp teeth and you can just imagine that bite
It is a glaring light the truth of which we can only just perceive, but from which, alas, we may not hide.

But let me choose to set aside the eerie,
For my purpose was not to sound so dreary,
So said I that life is a Gemini feed,
It finds me unable to quite resist the switch

I spoke of fire undying, fire eternal was given to me.
I spoke of light undimmed, the sun was bequeathed to me.
I wanted to tread the halls of Olympus, the earth was created for me.
That I should never want for aught, take the very beat of mine heart for the flow of your blood.
For the thoughts that are my planets revolve around the mind of your sun.

But now all my thoughts are centred on you,
Ask me for the moon
Don’t leave so soon

I know that fire, that life, that weapon,
I got them all from you.

There are no paths I wouldn’t walk for you
S.R and B.M

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