Subtleties of the Subconscious.

Drip.. Drip.. The sound of liquid hitting the floor echoed loud in my head. I massaged my temples. Looking up, I smiled at Nickel who’s grey face was two seats ahead of me at the dining table. The gaping oil painting beyond her dripped black down the canvas onto the dark maroon wall. A patch … More Subtleties of the Subconscious.

Walk With Me.

The scent of the air after it rains gives me the most poignant feelings. I have never experienced the like in all my years. It takes me to another time. Another place. I’m waiting for you under the eaves of tall dark-green trees. There are lone cottage houses standing in thick white mists. You approach … More Walk With Me.

So wait

Longing for bridges that might prove difficult to cross, whose termination I might not find as promising as I had thought, I know this yet I still look to the horizon, that I might decipher its approach For there develops a restlessness in the known,   The challenges that come with one’s desires, May be … More So wait

Chaos Theory

The large buck sort of jumped into vision. It was down at the end, on the side of a tall, green thicket fence. The front yard was sprawling with natural, unruly green grass and acacia trees, native to that part of the unknown world, that spread over and out, right into a Lake beyond. The … More Chaos Theory